Press-on Nail

What are included in the press-on nail sets?

Each set comes with 10 (regular set) or 20 (full set) handmade press-on nail tips and a nail prep kit.

Nail prep kit includes:

- alcohol wipe

- nail file

- nail buffer

- nail glue

- nail adhesive tab

- nail stick

How to measure my nails and choose the right size?

Using Measuring Tape:

To measure your nails, place measuring tape across the widest part of your nail and measure how long it is in mm.


Using Transparent Tape:

Take a piece of transparent tape or paper, mark where your widest part begins and ends, then place the tape/paper across the ruler and record the measurement.

We strongly recommend using CUSTOM SIZE for a perfect fit.

Our standard sizes for nail set are:

XS: 3-6-5-7-9 (14mm-11mm-12mm-10mm-8mm)

S: 2-5-4-6-9 (15mm-12mm-13mm-11mm-8mm)

M: 1-5-4-6-8 (16mm-12mm-13mm-11mm-9mm)

L: 0-4-3-5-7 (18mm-13mm-14mm-12mm-10mm)

How to choose between adhesive tab & nail glue?

Adhesive tab - stays on up to 1-3 days. Recommended for a short or temporarily occasion. The tabs can be easily removed after wearing. Perfect option if you'd like to reuse the nails.

Nail Glue - stay on up to 1-2 weeks. Harder to be removed after wearing but very long lasting with the proper nail prep process.

Are the press-on nails reusable?

Yes, the press-on nails are reusable with proper care. The nails are carefully coated for a good quality to prevent damanges in some extent. They can be reused as long as they are still in a good condition and the extra adhesive are removed after wearing.

Adhesive tab on the nails can be easily removed be gently scraping the tabs off.

Nail glue can be a little more difficult to remove. We recommend using an inexpensive electronic nail file to gently clean up the glues on the back of the nails for reuse. If you do not have an electronic nail file, you may try to use a small regular nail file to remove the extra adhesives.

What is your processing time?

Please note that all nail sets are 100% handcrafted & made to order. The lead time may depend on the the volume of orders we have.

The current processing time is 1-3 days.

Cancellations & Returns

Due to hygienic reasons and the nature of handmade items, we cannot take returns or allow cancellations as all sets are custom made to order and are begun immediately after we receive the order.

8'' s Boutique takes full responsibility for our production mistake. If we send you the wrong set/size/color, we would gladly issue you a refund or send you a whole new set for free. However, we do not accept cancelation for sizing/length problems. Please double check your sizing and shipping address, as we cannot change it once we made or shipped it.

Thanks for your understanding!